Desert Island Disco Dj Lil Alex

Just what makes your DJ tick? What tunes did those headphone-wearing lovelies listen to way back when? I thought it was time to find out. Hence the desert island. No palm trees, just decent tunes. This month its the turn of the very lovely and seriously cute DJ Lil Alex. We love him!!

Green Day ‘Good Riddance’ (Time Of Your Life) Reprise Records
Hearing this song at the age of 12 opened my eyes to the potential majesty of music, something that I’d missed before. I’d never been so emotionally moved by something so simple, and it changed the course of my life. It is the reason I’m a musician. Please play this track at my funeral.

Garth Brooks ‘Unanswered Prayers’ Capitol Records Nashville
I’d never call myself a country music fan, but I do love Garth Brooks. This song is a simple reminder that everything happens for a reason. If I could sing any song to my beautiful boyfriend, this would be it.

Sister Act ‘Joyful, Joyful’ Touchstone Pictures
If I were stuck on a desert island, I would dedicate an hour a day to trying to sing this song. Lauren Hill’s intro is mesmerizing, and the harmonies throughout make me tingle! It’s retro, funky and the rap is just ridiculous. What more do you need?

LMC vs U2 ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’ Central Station
I think this is the first song in the ‘house’ genre that really grabbed my attention. It’s so uplifting and happy; it’d be hard to dislike it. I remember bouncing around to it every Sunday at Chicago’s in Chelmsford thinking how lucky I was to have turned out gay!

Howard’s Alias ‘Rob Wants You Dead’ Good Clean Fun Records
If you know me at all, then you know that my roots are in rock music. House music is my life and my career, but in my heart, alternative music is the driving force behind my need to perform. This band write, record and perform with the most unbelievable passion, and I’ve spent many a happy hour getting moshed in their pit!

Hundred Reasons ‘If I Could’ Sony Music Entertainment
At Reading Rock Festival a few years ago the sound cut out during Hundred Reason’s set. The only thing left working was the singer’s microphone. To pass the time, he challenged members of the 100,000 strong crowd to make a 3 storey human pyramid. I clambered to the top of the first pyramid formed and stood up to see a sea of people screaming and cheering. It was the biggest thrill of my life and secured my career path in performance.

Eva Cassidy ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ Hot Records
This island has a beach right? I can’t think of anything I’d rather listen to whilst cloud watching. Perfection in simplicity.

‘Les Miserables’ Claude-Michel Schönberg (composer), Herbert Kretzmer (libretto)
I may be cheating here, as this is neither an album nor a single, but I truly believe that Les Miserables is the greatest body of music ever written throughout the history of our planet. I listen to an excerpt daily, the entire piece weekly and I fall asleep to ‘A Little Fall of Rain’. It moves me like nothing else, and believe it to be the perfect musical accomplishment.

Feeder ‘High’ Echo
This song reminds me of all the good times I’ve had in my life, and the people that have been there with me. All my mates from back home and my mates that I party with now. I’d love to name-check you all, but I can’t. So just one; my best man Big Stu. Happy Days.

Rage Against The Machine ‘Wake Up’ Epic Records
This self titled album was the soundtrack of my youth and is my favourite album of all time. It’s angry but intelligent, articulate and forceful. Perfect for stress relief, I could see myself chopping firewood to this song, maybe hunting a possum or something…

You can catch Lil Alex Spotify Desert Island Playlist here

You can catch Lil Alex at Wild Fruit, Mad Cow @ Charles Street Bar, The Bulldog at The Sunday Party at Honeyclub