Decent. Decent DJs, decent disco, decent causes.

Always happy to put their hands up for some disco action Wildblood and Queenie are bringing the Decent back to the dancefloor with a series of fundraising parties in Brighton. Built out of love for four-to-the-floor beats, syncopated basslines, delicious divas and corking cowbells, Decent will deliver a right proper night out with fundraising at its heart. A heart beating to most glorious of genres, disco. Be it nu-disco, Italo, disco edits, disco house or those hands in the air disco classics, Decent’s soundtrack will ensure the disco is had all night long.

Decent at The Tempest Inn on September 20th 2019 was the first in series of fundraising parties in 2019 from Wildblood and Queenie raising a total of £455.61 for The Rainforest Alliance, The Brighton Rainbow Fund and The Whitehawk Foodbank. 2020 promises to deliver even more as we fundraise for 1BTN, a community radio station based in Brighton, the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Duncan, Australia, recently so devastated by the country’s horrific bush fires, and The National Autistic Society, a UK organisation close to our hearts that supports those living with or caring for those on the Autistic spectrum.

Decent. Playing disco, dancing with friends, fundraising for local, national or international causes. So come join us on the dancefloor, come join us at the disco and let’s do the Decent thing. Together.