We DJ. We love DJing. We could tell you about the gigs we’ve played, the residencies we’ve enjoyed, the wonders we’ve played tunes for. We could speak of the Haji’s and the Hifi’s, the Horse Meat Discos and the very special Sunday Sundae’s, the Duffie’s and the William’s we’ve had the pleasure of playing beside. We could tell of the love affair we have with house and disco, every soulful or deep, dark, queer tech and Jackin’ moment of it. And we could bang on with a glee-fuelled grin about the Pride’s we’ve been part of the, the big tops and dance tents that have put goosebumps on my soul. But we won’t. Because the pictures below tell that story. And for us DJing is so much more than that.

DJing is the finest distraction we know. Whether playing to thousands on a proud day or to one man and his (disco) dog, we get something from DJing we get nowhere else. That connection, via a bassline, has had us hooked for over 21 years. Because nothing else compares. Whether waiting for a roar as drop kicks in or eyeballing the tapping foot by the bar, playing tunes for others is an honour. Providing a soundtrack to a night, surprising, delighting and, it must be said, occasionally bewildering is a pleasure the like of which there is no other. It brings a tingle and joy that feels so good you’d play for nowt. Just having the chance to share, to playlist a sound adventure, to connect across the decks with some dancing soul who doesn’t give a fuck who’s playing but just wants to dance. Warming up without the aid of Beatport approved Top Ten, seeing in the sunrise with some dirty grooves, throwing in the random, delighting with some house history from your ever groaning shelves of vinyl, providing the right tune at the right moment as you celebrate, remember, party or just marvel at the disco dears around you.

These are the reasons we DJ. The reasons why we started. The reasons why we just can’t quite stop just yet and the reason why, regardless of the disco politics, the pay and the genres we will continue to want to spend our nights leaning to one side, praying the monitor works, playing decent tunes and working with the wonders we do.  DJing is our sound connection. And we can’t get enough.

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