Floorplay Digital 18.06.11 with Prok & Fitch, Steve Mac, Rene Amesz, Bang!, Lee Garrett and many more!

If the hangover from the last Floorplay is anything to go by this weekends adventures at Digital are going to be immense. Floorplay rocks parts of the body few other clubs would dare to go to and now they have Digital’s soundsystem to play with us househeads are in for some serious bass busting trouble. The lovely likely lads that are Prok & Fitch, currently rocking my world with The Tribe and about to unleash some seriously decent house courtesy of the new Stealth Live Ibiza compilation, are joined by the legendary Steve Mac, special guest Rene Amesz and wonder residents Lee Garrett and James Wilkinson. And if that isn’t enough for ya Digital’s Micro will be hosted – and no doubt totally smashed – by the boys from Bang! Vince Frimprong, Ollie Sturdy, Aran Reynolds and Gav Maccourty.

There are few clubs that get me grinning like Floorplay does. Ensure you attend and get that grin. It won’t leave your face for weeks after I promise!

Floorplay 3rd Birthday Digital, Brighton. Saturday 18th June 22:30-05:00
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