Perfect Distractions – Florence and the Machine ‘What The Water Gave Me’

Somethings just make you tingle. Rabbits, that first toe in the Med, the missus, a lass called Florence. Florence and the Machine, my dears, are back and I’m in love. Again. She’s even made me wish I’d said yes to a red head all those years ago.

What The Water Gave Me has everything. Mesmeric vocals ladled across a strung out anthem that demands you press repeat over and over. It returns you to the innocent angst of teenage years long gone whilst filling your soul with the kind of hope pharmacists could only dream of delivering in blister packs. Like the genius of Kate Bush’s King Of The Mountain the “there so much more to come” excitement of this release has ensured my household will wait with bated breath till the longplayer promo comes dropping.

Do yourself a favour and reacquaint yourself with this Florence machine and prepare yourself for certain magic come festival season 2012.

Florence and the Machine ‘What The Water Gave Me’ is out now on iTunes