Azari & III: Hungry for the live show at Brighton’s Digital 27.10.11

19 years ago my missus tried to seduce me with a slice of vinyl that crackled as it demands we ‘get it on’. Marvin had me. So did the missus. But now another is seducing me. All summer long Azari & III have had me in their sensual grasp. Sleazy electronica with hot foot beats wrapped in casio desires and naughty grins. Unlike the weather their album has been a constant this summer, be it with the get it on undertones of Into The Night, the bounce-fuelled proper club anthem that is Reckless (With Your Love), the tweeks and beeps of Tunnel Love, the wonder of Indigo (is there a tune ever so derserving of hands in the air?) or the shoe in for tune of the year that is Hungry For The Power. I can’t get enough.

And come Thursday 27th October I’ll be down the front at Brighton’s Digital feeding my Azari & III addiction. You know the score. If there’s one gig this season that will convince you there’s life beyond chart pap, Cowell’s reign and dodgy house remixes of songs we should of long said farewell to, this is it.

Let’s get it on.

Azari & III at Digital, Brighton. Thursday 27th October 2011. Doors open at 11pm.
Tickets here

Scion A/V Presents: Azari & III – Into the Night from Scion A/V on Vimeo.