Perfect Distractions: Maxxi Soundsystem & DRW ft. Royston ‘Open Your Eyes’

Today I bought slippers. Today I had a flu jab. Today I felt old. But then I did the decent thing and purchased myself a copy of Maxxi Soundsystem & DRW ft Royston’s ‘Open Your Eyes’ and everything was alright with the world again. The just so Xylo-loops, the bouncing bassline and the lazy delivery of Royston’s vocal make everything alright. The spring in my step has returned. It may not be a Lego advent calendar but its the gift that will keep on giving way after the 25th of December. Go purchase yourself a copy.

Maxxi Soundsystem & DRW ‘Open Your Eyes’ featuring the wonderful Royston out now on Hot Waves Volume 2.
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