Perfect Distractions: The beautifullest love for Bjork

Nothing diminishes my adoration for this lass. She gets better and better and better. Even if she does my the cats ears do weird things. And so she proved yet again this week on Jools Holland with a performance fuelled with pure joy. She’s the kind of addiction I love in others, seeing them in a new ‘girl you have taste’ light, appreciative as they are of the finer things in our musical lives. In a world of sanctioned blandness, uninspired pop and so-called house tracks from diva’s who’ve cottoned on to the dance market (stop it now, its not big, its not clever and its not Guetta we want), Bjork delivers. Her oddness is the genius we need in these insipid days. Gawd bless her and all her sail with her in these (yawn) Gaga times. Long may she and the kooky girls, Florence and Kate we salute you, provide us with true musical wonders.