Perfect Distractions: The Great Gatsby A film by Baz Luhrmann

I can’t wait till the cold dark nights of December 2012. Because then it will nearly be Boxing Day and I can join the front of the queue for this wonder. The thought of my favourite ever book being touch by the likes of Leo had me in a shiver but then I remembered Moulin Rouge and the beauty that only Baz can bring. He has a lot to live up to, Jack Clayon’s 1973 adaptation remains one of cinema’s greatest visual treats (the beautiful shirt scene is simply unforgettable) and I only Baz can bring to the screen the textual glory F Scott Fitzgerald brought to his prose. I shall be reading The Beautiful and the Damned this summer in preparation for a winter of visual pleasure. I only pray Carey and Co. don’t let me down.

“Mr Gatsby will see you now”.