The Freemasons at Brighton & Hove Pride 2012

Earlier this month I had the joy of interviewing The Freemasons about their forthcoming headline set in the Wild Fruit Dance Tent at Brighton Pride 2012 for this years guide. Grab a copy online or at a queer shop near you and don’t forget to purchase those tickets!

The Freemasons a.k.a. James Wiltshire and Russell Small encompass everything that is great about clubbing today. Pure hands in the air celebration house that has captivated clubbers worldwide including at Sydney Mardi Gras and New York Pride, The Freemasons will cure any heartache, keep you mesmerized, are never uninvited and ensure we all stay watching. And now, as their headline slot in the Wild Fruit Brighton Pride Tent 2012 is confirmed we can truly say the love is gonna rain down on September the 1st. I caught up with The Freemasons’ Russell Small after yet another busy weekend behind the decks to talk tunes, Pride and all things Fruity.

KW: So how has 2012 panned out for you so far?
RS: We’ve been extremely busy on the gig front with lots of trips to the US, where EDM (Edible Dance Music!) is so big now in one form or another. We have also been very busy in the studio writing lots of new material and having recently signed a new record deal with MOS, the fruits of our labour should be seeing the light of day very soon.

KW: So why do The Freemasons love Brighton Pride so?
RS: I think it’s because it celebrates what’s so good about our city, the multiculturalism. And it’s a great excuse to party with your family and friends.

KW: You have a long history with Wild Fruit don’t you? Any special Fruity memories you’d care to share?
RS: I think with most people involved with Wild Fruit, it all becomes a bit of a blur, but we have always loved doing it, as it gives us a chance to play in front of our home crowd and the people that have supported us from the beginning.

KW: What does it mean to you to be asked to headline the Wild Fruit tent at Brighton Pride this year and are you as excited about the gig as everyone else is?
RS: It’s something that we love to do. We’ve attended as spectators for a few years, wondering if we would ever be asked so when we finally were, it was amazing! It’s nice to be asked for a second time and it gives us an enormous sense of pride (excuse the pun), as we love our home city.

KW: What can we expect from your set in the tent?
RS: Hands in the air, full on fun from beginning to end.

KW: Okay so lets talk tunes. First your ultimate Pride anthem? It has to be ‘Happiness’ by Alexis Jordan. In 2010 this was played at every Pride we attended (and there was quite a few) in one form or another. I think the sentiment of the song, finding happiness with someone or just to be in a happy place sums it all up, sums up Pride.

KW: And this years new Pride anthem?
RS: Hopefully our new single ‘Tears In The Rain’.

KW: Finally what is about Brighton, this fine city of ours that makes you proudest?
RS: Until I had traveled to different cities and different cultures around the world, I never realised how tolerant the majority of people in this city are.

Brighton Pride 2012 plus The Freemasons. Happiness indeed.