And the best gay clubbing tune ever is……?

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 17.22.24 - Version 2

That moment. We all know it. It haunts you for days after – what is that tune? Who is that vocalist? Who produced that wonder? And will I ever hear music the same again? The tune that represents the best in gay clubbing. Loud, occasionally wankered but always unified on a dancefloor, somewhere, some night, some year. The clubs we remember, the clubs we love. The DJs we worship, the friends we made. Under one roof, to one sound, for one night.

This summer as part of my Visual Culture degree at Brighton University I’ll be creating an exhibition based on my dissertation Strike A Pose, There’s Something To It: Imagery used in gay clubbing 1989-2012. And I need a sounddrop, to create a mixed compilation incorporating the greatest tunes heard on some of the scene’s greatest dancefloors. Trade, Wild Fruit, Queer Nation, Horse Meat Disco, Heaven, Fruit Machine, Bang!, Flesh, FF, Venus Rising, Love Muscle, AM, The Cock, G.A.Y., Mis-Shapes, Popstars, Megawoof, Later, DTPM, Fiction, Sunday Sundae, Discotec, Bootylicious, Club Shame, Salvation, Orange, Nag Nag Nag, XXL. The list is endless. But does one tune unite us all. Does one tune say everything about gay clubbing?

This is where you come in. Just let me know your fav gay clubbing anthem ever, the club it soundtracked and why you love it so, what it means to you. I’ll compile, create a Top 20 from the results, incorporate the mix into my exhibition this June whilst also featuring them on Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service radio show on Sauce FM from July, hopefully capturing a soundtrack to our clubbing lives. I can’t wait to hear the results.

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