Perfect Distractions: I Am A Camera The Legendary Children (Up Yours Severino + Hifi Sean Remix)


This tune ain’t too popular in our house right now. It makes us wanna go out dancing. And we can’t. Not quite yet anyway. Never thought we’d miss dark rooms, sweaty bodies, random strangers, old friends and dirty dark basslines so much. And its only been six weeks. Gawd knows how long we’ve got to go till my missus’ precious, precious head, arm and elbow  is up for dancing and prancing (thank god the days of disco dance routines are long gone – she’d be home for yonks till she could do makes those shapes) but this wonder of a remix by Up Yours Severino and Hifi Sean is making the wait almost unbearable. But then when we do. Oooooooooooooo.