Keeping it decent with Schtumm


Tonight I’m keeping it Schtumm. I’m keeping it Schtumm about a decent party thrown by decent people playing very decent music. All secret like. You can find out more by signing up to their mailing list at I wish there were more like Schtumm. Letting you take a punt on a secret no guest-list party where you don’t know the venue or the DJ till it really matters, when your there, when your dancing. The kind of party where you rely on a promoters previous form and taste to entice you in. The kind of party we need more of. Clubbing isn’t about the glam or the glitter, the gifts and the blag, the who’s and the wherefores. Its about the people, the tunes and the dancing. And keeping it Schtumm.

Schtumm. March 7th. Secret venue. More details on Facebook or at