Review: Bitten and smitten by The 2 Bears

1452582_10152613939708557_8879880022962823218_nIt may just be background music but those warm up grab-that-first-beer tunes tell you a lot about the night ahead. When The 2 Bears came to Brighton’s The Haunt this week the sound system was brought to life by Frankie and Donna, insisting we feel the love and relax. Yep a night with The 2 Bears a.k.a. Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard was coming our way and we were primed for some perfect bear distractions.

The 2 Bears second album The Night Is Young has kept me grinning since the promo landed in my inbox and has proved itself – thanks to its almost continuous play status – to be one of the most joyous dance albums of the year. Lyrically beautiful with tales of betrayal and beauty, love and life, its musically sound ventures fuelled with furry electronica, decent beats and addictive melodies is a thing of wonder and transferred perfectly to the live stage as Joe and Raf came up trumps with a celebratory performance. We Work(ed) it from the beginning as we promised to Be Strong for the Bears.

The intimacy of The Haunt allowed for the most glorious of connections with the band as the boys, ably abetted by their goddess of a guest vocalist Adelaide Mackenzie, delivered a night of grins. My Queen was the perfect anthem for us furry freaks and geeks and when Sink The Pink joined the band to strut their stuff and bring the fierce radical drag beauty of Not This Time video to life I was bear smitten. Again.

Add Kellee’s must see rave knitting (I expect to be warmed up this way for every future gig I attend), the company of some true Brighton VIP wonders and the wiggle we all got on, this was a night where the bear hugs were free and easy and all ours. Just how it should be. Here’s to many more of them.

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