Gold-plated festiveness with Traumfrau Family Queermas

10682262_662653893847274_7005081303296126247_oIts been a while since something on the queer clubbing scene in Brighton put a grin on my face, but Traumfrau do just that with their fabulous mix of party people, unique entertainment and attitude free clubbing. They are like the best kind of sweetie tin – filled with treats the like of which you’ll always love. I believe the word for it is tasty, right tasty!

After our DJing debut at their Late Summer Backyard Festival in June, we are disco thrilled to be returning for their Traumfrau Family Queermas at Charles Street Club on Friday 12th December. With a line up of live performances from must see wonders including Alfie Ordinary, Hannah Murphy, Collective DIY Project as well as the Traumfrau Twisted Market for all your queer festive needs and the brilliant DJ Solomon Onyemere entertaining what must be one of Brighton’s friendliest dancefloors, Traumfrau’s Family Queermas is set to be the alternative gold plated Xmas celebration you’ll want to be at. We can’t wait.

For more info and tickets head to


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