Farewell Audio

270214_10150242130236443_4286944_nFarewell Audio. You have served us well. The sunshine on the terrace. The cute boys on the dance floor. The queues in the loos. The spankingly fine doormen, the glorious barstaff, the handsome managers and the handsomer DJs. The best promoters, the finest owner, the jump up and down moments and those fierce, fierce hangovers. The civil partnership and the day the snow closed down the disco. The Pride weekenders, the legendary Sunday Sundae, the giant disco balls and saucy go-gos. The Horse Meats Discos, the Deviants, the Sunday parties, the disco capes, the Dolly Mixers and the EDP. Mister Green and Watts and Budd and Lewis. The Schtumm and the sparkles. The soundman who looked like Jesus and the soundman who made everything better, every time. The too, too many drinks tickets, the smoke machine with a mind of its own. The long glorious nights of mates and lovers. The disco and the house. And the Jack, oh the Jack.

Yes I’ll miss you.  I’ll miss the beloved ones, the Sunday Sundae ones, the decent ones, the Brighton ones. You were everything I love about my city. The people, the tunes, the parties and we’ll not see your like again. Clubbing made with passion. Clubbing that left a great big fucking grin on your face the next morning as you reached for the Pepto Bismol and promised yourself never again. Till the next time.

Farewell Audio. Thank you for clubbing that made us and this city we call home what it is today. And make that one last tune count. x

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