Perfect Distraction: Maribor’s HIAB / HAWWY on Super Kitchen

Since I heard it for the first time Sunshine Anderson‘s slice of R’N’B genius, so deftly remixed by Ben Watt and E-Smoove, it had me by the short and curlies. Nothing said Sunday Sundae early doors like I’ve Heard All Before and nothing made my grin wider.

That is until this beaut came along from Badimup record boss, Maribor on the Super Kitchen label.  HIAB / HAWWY  hit my heart within seconds of its first play and has stayed there ever since with its rolling, acid-y tones and typically rough-and-ready percussive textures (yep I read the press release!) It is a slice of 130 ruffage – get me – and its perfect. Just like way back in 2001 I want Sunshine in my life 24/7. Which thanks to Maribor I have. Endlessly.

Maribor HIAB / HAWWY is out on Super Kitchen on  12th May 2017
Pre-order here  Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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