Wildblood & Queenie’s Disco Service at The Tempest

The Tempest Inn is rapidly become our favourite sunset destination. DJing for the lovelies at Brighton’s best beachside spot is proving to be most disco delicious as we soundtrack the seaside action each and every Saturday. Warming up for the best Free Beach Parties in town is a pure joy as we get to play our favourite disco, edits and low-slung house wonders. Add the craft beer, the fabulous Crab Claw food and saucy staff and you have a Saturday evening worth celebrating. Each and every week from 6pm. Join us this week for a terrace session like no other as we warm up for DJ Faro, Øvre, Badeera and Zacquille Brookes and a Free Beach Party fuelled with the best in disco, house, and techno from 6pm start to 4am finish. See you beachside.

Wildbood & Queenie’s Disco Service at The Tempest Inn, 59-161 King’s Rd, Brighton BN1 1NB. 6pm-9pm every Saturday followed by FREE Beach Parties of the roadblocked kind. Say you’ll be there on Facebook

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