A Brighton Pride thank you in 10 tunes (okay maybe 11)

Brighton Pride 2017. The weekend that made us happier than, well, last Brighton Pride. So many grins, so many giggles, so many mates reunited, friendships made and camp nonsense spoken. It was a ball. A great big shiny glittering disco ball and we loved every 12″ moment of it. Thanks to everyone who made it so. These are our tunes of the weekend. These are for you.

Butch Le Butch Superman Campstick Records 2017 was the year disco came back to Brighton Pride and thanks to Butch Le Butch it never sounded so good. Nothing got us bouncing like glittering girlies than this Campstick corker as we disco-ed into the early hours. Be it Big Love at Block, The Queer Takeover, with Ollie and 9 Elms at the Pride Patterns Party, Sunday Sundae or the Wild Fruit Dance Tent this tune knocked the d.i.s.c.o. spots off everything else this weekend.

Gerd Janson & Shan Surrender Regraded Midland magic came to Brighton courtesy of this absolute anthem as we surrendered to the pure joy of right proper house with a disco soul. The strings pulled at the strings of our heart as the lasses lost it in the Girls Dance tent, the Pride Village Party people threw their hands in the air and the Sunday Sundae wonders spun round and round. Happiness in 6 minutes and 53 seconds.

Lionel Richie All Night Long (The Reflex Revision) White We’ve lost count of the number of people this reminds us of. Mr Jones, Matt, Albo, Robbie, the crew at Audio, the Sundae lovelies. It’s just one of those tunes. One of those end of night tunes that every knows the words to but doesn’t. If you know what we mean. The tune that is the icing on top of our Pride cake come Sunday night. And to get to play it on the Pride Village Party on Saturday night – well that was us gone. Lost in the love of Pride.

Butch No Worries Cecille Records A tune we still can’t get enough of, this bobby dazzler made an appearance at nearly every one of the nine gigs we played over Pride weekend. But then when the sample comes from one of our favourite disco tunes of all time its no surprise it worked (and worked and worked and worked) for us all weekend long.

Purple Disco Machine Body Funk Eton Messy For those few brief moments when the rain fell in Preston Park we had the girls in the Diva World Girl’s Tent working their bodies to the beat and counting from 1 to 4 thanks to this beauty. A disco mash-up for the bouncing ladies it kept Queenie jumping at every play. And boy did she keep playing it.

Cerrone Supernature (Sam Redmore’s 77 Club Mix) Bandcamp The Pride Village Party was the goosebump generator we always thought it would be. Hands in the air as far as the eyes could see – right there on the seafront with Brighton Pier as a backdrop. We don’t think either of us have grinned wider than we did for that hour as we gay-ed it up with some right proper disco for Pride. And Cerrone did it just right. Super right.

Debbie Jacobs Don’t You Want My Love MCA Records The Horse Meat Disco favourite we can’t get enough of brought plenty of disco love courtesy of the Alkalino rework to the Diva World Girl’s Dance Tent and our last minute Wild Fruit Summer Of Love Dance Tent warm-up set. (We missed you Mr Heron!) Because as all disco queens know a cowbell isn’t just for Christmas, its for Pride.

Madonna Borderline (Butch Le Butch 5am Garage Rework) White Tears before bedtime? Go on then. This tune just did everything for us. Brought gays boys screaming towards the front, ladies singing along (way to loudly) and tears rolling down the face of bears. It was a magical moment everytime we played it be it Sunday Sundae, The Queer Takeover with Chris Barker (DSD reunion anyone?) or Pride’s Terrace Party at Patterns. You can’t have a Pride without Madge and this year Madge was Butch. Butch as butch can be.

Diana Ross The Boss (Dimitri From Paris Remix) Defected How to follow a drum’n’bass set of wonders from Pushy C at The Queer Takeover at Fortune Of War? It had to be Diana and it had to be The Boss. And boy did those hands go in the air – in fact we’ll be awarding the clubbers at The Queer Takeover an award for the biggest whoop! next time we see them. Magic of the seaside kind.

Angie Stone I Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Pound Boys Stoneface Bootleg Mix) J Records Another beauty that had us feeling the love as we came together with our Sundae brothers and sisters and had one of those Pride moments. Nobody captures that Sundae feeling like a diva in distress and boy did we feel this. This one is for Dulcie and Paul and Chris. Thank you for Brighton’s finest weekend.

C-Mos 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix) Zeitgeist Goose bumps all the way, this lit up Brighton Pride the only way a tune like this can. The love we felt every night this was played wasn’t from planet earth, the vibrations were different, the vibrations were loved up. Our own small tribute to the family that is Wild Fruit (Neil, Dulcie, Pete, Verity, Bryony, Chris, Patrick, Dolly, Vicky, Alistair, Richard, Waybe, Grace, simon, Chrissy this tune is always for you!) and the marvels who made the past 25 years so special,  this tune is Brighton Pride, it is us partying together, building bridges because of the bpms and still grinning because of it.


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