Farewell (for now) Mr Forde

This weekend a fabulous fella who made Brighton shine is off across the waters. Returning home from the city that’s been his other home for many years. A fella who has made my barnet happier than its ever been and my DJ disco life forever a delight. That fabulous fella is Mr Gary Forde and Brighton will be a less shiny place without him. Literally – there will be less lacquered ladies about.

He’s brought the camp and the club together in a heavenly mash-up of style, grace and that belting Belfast tongue of his. Honest and handsome, never subtle but always sublime, he made Wild Fruit our family, Sunday Sundae his plaything (oh that Pride codpiece), Freaky Fordster our favourite club kid, the Wild Fruit Dance Tent loved up and Forde Hair our must-go destination. And although he’ll be back across the shores before we know it with his sublime scissor action and Belfast tales (hold on to your kex sweeties), there will be something missing in our city’s clubland. That glorious moment Forde arrives, all grins and big hats and Westwood and Y3’s and filthy laughs. That moment that made us fall for the fella. That moment that forever means whenever he ‘arrives’, we’ll always be his second home. Farewell Mister Forde, be away with ya, be fabulous. Just like you’ve always been. xxx


One thought on “Farewell (for now) Mr Forde

  1. Gonna miss you so much Gary! From Brighton clubbing days to having my hair chopped perfectly for the past 18years, there’s gonna be a big whole in my life without you! Wishing you all the very best in Belfast and good luck to all those eligible guys over there! ❤️❤️❤️

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