Finding Paradise with Josell Ramos’ Maestro

If you learn one history lesson this week make it this one. Thanks to Boiler Room TV we now have the chance to check into Paradise Garage, the Sanctuary and the Loft and connect with the heroes that are DJs David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Nicky Siano and Frankie Knuckles one more time. Its time to grab a cold one, celebrate the lives of our congregation, black, white, gay, straight, male, female, old and young, and revel in the beginnings of that thing we call house. It’s time to be there as Josell Ramos’ 2003 documentary Maestro delivers the tales and the tunes that changed our dancefloors forever. Because this is our church and Maestro is our chance to worship with the tunes and DJs that changed our dancefloors one more time.  To watch Maestro online click here

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