Perfect Distractions: Honey Dijon in the Boiler Room

Today could of been one of those days. Drizzle, daunting decisions and not much disco. But then Honey Dijon‘s set for the Boiler Room’s 6th birthday in Berlin came along and the bounce was back. Today is World Mental Health Day and for me music has always been my saving grace. As a DJ, a radio producer, a clubber. There’s something about tunes that make help me fly above it all; the aspergers, my black dog, the stigma. But today, just like everytime a right decent bassline hits, all that was gone. Today Honey Dijon’s majestic set made everything okay. And when she drops Solange on top of that filthy beat come 45 mins in, she played away my troubles. Please somebody in Brighton book her soon – this lass and this seaside town needs to dance its troubles away with this fiercest of DJs.

Honey Dijon’s debut album Best Of Both Worlds on Classic Music Company is out now on vinyl and released digitally on 13.10.17. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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