Wildblood launches new solo show on 1BTN

Its time for Wildblood to go solo as Kate launches her new 1BTN radio show. Expect loads of the good stuff as she gets you set for the festiveness ahead with loads of delicious disco, afternoon delights and sweet, sweet house. Yep its time to delve deeper with Wildblood, enjoy some of her favourite 12’s and longplayering wonders of 2017 and some right Brighton classics as she gets you prepped for the weekend. Friday afternoon’s are just about to get Wild(blood).

The Wildblood Show on 1BTN Friday 22nd December 13:00-16:00 and then on every second Friday of every month. 101.4FM DAB+ TuneIn app and streaming worldwide on 1btn.fm One world, one love, 1 Wildblood, 1 BTN. #PushTheBTN


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