Perfect Distraction: Big Miz’s Our House

You know us. We love a wiggly worm as much as the next person. Which is all good as Big Miz shows his affection for the worm in the most jackin’ of ways on his latest EP the glorious Build / Destroy on the Glasgow label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. If his track Our House doesn’t get your inner Jill up Jacks hill then nothing will. Yes this is a wonder that set the shoutbox on fire when we played it on our 1BTN radio show this week and will no doubt charm the pants (and knitwear and tees and vests and socks) off the dancefloor when he plays at Patterns Brighton’s Strictly Bangers on March 2nd. Yes Big Miz is someone you need to get acquainted with quick time. The early bird catches the wiggly worm and all that.

Big Miz’s Build/Destroy EP is out on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams on January 26th 2018. Preorder on Bandcamp here today (and get the Our House tune right now). Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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