Remembering Julie with Letroluv

Today I’m prepping tunes for a weekend gig I’d give anything not to be playing. Prepping tunes to say farewell.  To lass who made a difference. Here and then. Yesterday and tomorrow. So when this beauty popped off the shelves the play had to be had. It took me back, to her, to us, to each of us lost on a dancefloor, hearts filled with love, passion, paper mache fish, cardboard surfboards and giant pineapples.

She made a difference. And I won’t let this moment pass me by without remembering that. The nights we spent on fruity dancefloors back in 1992, the grins we shared, the plans we made afterhours with our dishonourable intentions. The daydreamed decor, the outfits, the parties, the giggles, the devotion to being Shameless Hussies. The woman she was, the difference she made. So this one is for you Julie. We’re gonna play it loud, we’re gonna play it for you. Like we did. Like we will always do.



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