Perfect distractions: RA’s Between The Beats: Midland

When this man creates we listen, when he DJs we dance and when he speaks about the doubts and delights of DJing for a living, as Midland does in his new film from Resident Advisor’s Between The Beats series, we learn. Too often we keep schtum about the stuff in our head. In a world where men under 35 especially find opening up about their untamed thoughts post-midnight maneuverings a task to hard to bare, this is a wonderfully honest reflection of life with a record box and a pair of headphones. Life on the road as a critically acclaimed DJ and producer is one so many of us aspire to and yet. And yet. Its not all hands-in-the-air and love in the room – as Harry Agius and his honesty about his booth based self doubts expresses. Midland’s wise words and enchanting love of his craft (as well as those killer blue eyes) had me from the moment I pressed play.  The final credit must go to him, and yes I’m aware of the pun, but seriously all credit.

Midland. The man, the DJ, reflecting why getting our heads together to talk openly about life’s harder moments is as necessary as getting our glorious selves together on a dancefloor. So do yourself a favour and find 30 minutes to watch and fall for the man with the enlightening confessions and endearing way of seeing the world. Oh and those killer tunes, always with the killer tunes, disco, hard or not – depending on where he wants his set to go. Just how it should be, eh Harry?


2 thoughts on “Perfect distractions: RA’s Between The Beats: Midland

  1. Great write-up. Found this after Googling “Midland Between the Beats” and happened to come across your blog. Brilliant documentary, already watched it about 4 times since it released.

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