Perfect Distraction: Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown ‘Calling Out’

More uplifting than a Ms Mary Of Sweden basque, more joyful than Maze on happy pills, more disco than, well, disco, Calling Out by Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown on Classic Music Company is gonna be THE tune of the summer. Believe us. It will accompany every sunset, enhance every wonderous festival moment, rock every boat party, sparkle at every Pride celebration, heat up every terrace, shimmer on every beach and bring love to your days and nights. All disco summer long.  So go buy and get those hands in the air people – disco is back and she’s calling out for you.

Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Drown Calling Out  on Classic Music Company. Digital pre-order here today.  Buy your slice of 12″ vinyl Calling Out with exclusive Floorplan remixes here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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