Perfect Distraction: Honey Dijon’s Xtra EP

The perfect vinyl distraction, Honey Dijon’s latest adventure with Classic Music Company has me all in a queer quiver. Worth every single hard-earned penny, this four track wonder delivers in sparkling spades with world class remixes from some of dancelands finest purveyors of the groove. We have been charmed by Honey’s Best Of Both Worlds longplayer and this rework session increases the grins and ensures your disco pants will be just that. Charmed off.  Be it the stunning Maurice Fulton rework of  State of Confusion featuring Joi Cardwell with its classy New Jersey jumping beats, the addictive Derrick Carter rework of Catch A Beat (you’ll be catching your breath after just one play, believe me), the hot little number that is Ashley Beedle’s remix of Burn, Honey’s collaboration with Tim K featuring Jason Walker or the hedonistic wonder that is Horse Meat Disco’s remix of Look Ahead featuring Sam Sparro, you will be head over heels in love with Honey and her remix duty darlings within seconds of putting the needle on her most classy of records. Yep Honey fucking Dijon has done it again and our disco world is better because of it.

Honey Dijon’s Xtra EP is out now on vinyl on the label that is killing it this summer, the mighty Classic Music Company. Listen and buy it here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Join Honey Dijon at she heads to the seaside on Saturday August 18th at Brighton’s Patterns for a night to remember. One Queen Josephine and I, alongside Charles Green and Faro, are thrilled to be part of. Limited Early Bird tickets available here.



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