Queenie + Wildblood’s 1BTN Pride Disco Delight

Sparkling rainbows at the ready people!! Join Queen Josephine and I on Friday 13th July from 1pm on 1BTN as we deliver the first of our two Pride specials celebrating the DJs that created the LGBTQI dance scene, the disco that shaped our community, the influences that delivered that thing we call house music, the tunes that soundtracked our queer lives, the clubbers who created the love and our fabulous global LGBTQI Pride movement. Tunes by Esther Williams, Patrick Cowley, Moloko, Róisín Murphy Lil Louis, Debbie Jacobs, Horse Meat Disco, Honey Dijon and more. Disco, disco, proud banter and more disco (and loads of Pride party news!)

The Queenie + Wildblood Show Friday 13th July 13:00-16:00 101.4FM | DAB+ | TuneIn | 1BTN.FM Facebook One world, one love, 1BTN, two old lady DJs who should know better.Say hello and share the 1BTN love! Say hi on the shoutbox at www.1btn.fm, or Tweet us. The Queenie & Wildblood Show on 1BTN. 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month 8pm-10pm and 2nd Friday 1pm-4pm. #PushTheBTN

Listen again (and again and again) to all our 1BTN shows over on Mixcloud


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