Wild Family Pride Special

Wild Family have been hand crafting parties of distinction longer than I’ve been dancing to disco. A party with soul brought to you by the amazing Wild Fantasy deck magicians Neal and Andy, Wild Family is all the house you could need, every disco indused, groove laided, loopy basslined, thrilling moment of it. Always a pleasure to treasure we are thrilled to be playing with our Wild Family this Pride Saturday as they return to Brighton’s Tempest Inn for a seaside session like no other in town. And with DJs Evil Tom, J-Felix, Daisha, Wild Fantasy and two lasses called Wildblood and Queenie you just know the rainbows will glittering on the dancefloor all night long. There will be glitter, there will be love, there will be Wild Family. Just how we like on Pride weekend.

Wild Family Pride Special at The Tempest Inn, Kings Road Arches, Brighton Beach. Saturday 4th August 8pm-3am. For tickets and info click here


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