Perfect distraction: Waajeed’s Strength

In a DJ’s world of endless BPM’s it takes a lot to for a tune to stand above the rest. But then with his past record of delivering utter perfection it was no surprise when Waajeed‘s latest wonder, the subline Strength dropped into my promo box and did just that. An absolute strung out beauty Strength will capitivate and charm you within moments of its first play and remain with you for years to come with its Detroit delights and delicious soulful vocals by Ideeyah. A true standard bearer for all that is fine about house music, Waajeed is one to watch. And hear. And love.

Waajeed’s Strength featuring Ideeyah is out on 14th September on Dirt Tech Reck. Listen, pre-order and buy it here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

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