Vinyl love and disco delights await you

Our latest 1BTN show is now available for your listening pleasure on Mixcloud. Tracks by Blutch, Ronnie Dyson, Louise Chen, Harlequin Four, Gloria Gaynor Róisín Murphy, The Jones Girls, Girls Of The Internet, Jack Tennis, Luther Vandross, Lup Ino, Al Kent, Love Drop, Motte, Alan Dixon and DC (not Danny) Larue. Pre Club Barbra excitement, West Ham 8 goals celebrations, Missing People news, B.Please sashays and camp banter by us. One world, one love, 2 old ladies who should know better, 1BTN.

The Queenie & Wildblood Show on 1BTN. 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month 8pm-10pm and 2nd Friday 1pm-4pm. Listen again (and again and again) to all our 1BTN shows over on Mixcloud.
Photo by Hannah Sherlock