Thank you for the best of disco Days

As we head towards the end of 2018 we would like to send everyone our heartfelt disco love and thanks. It’s not been an easy ride at times (Wildblood the Aspie DJ has had a lot to re-learn) but it has been a ride we’ll not forget. From The Tempest Inn to Patterns1BTN and The Green Door StoreBrighton & Hove Pride – Official Page to The West Hill Tavern we’ve had nothing but grins in our souls all year long. Thank you especially to Neal Lewis Andrew James Singh Neil Ellis Owen Fred Griffiths Bec Andrews Sami Kubu Charles Green Kerry Jean Lister Suze Rosser B.Please Olliver SturdyBen Monk Balearic Mike AJ Juttla Dulcie Weaver Paul Kemp Christopher Galloway Michael Jukes, all the DJs we’ve played alongside, every amazing manager and bar wonder keeping us happy (Mitch Gaz and Sarah Thomson we salute you) and of course our glorious 1BTN family for making it so. And finally our biggest love to all you wonderful clubbers – you’ve made 2018 regal indeed. Here’s to the next disco-infused 365 days and 1000 miles.




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