50 tunes for 50 years: Debbie Jacobs

There is nothing so important to me as being strung out. Right proper strung out. Thanks to a childhood of being raised on the good stuff, oh how I loved my Nan’s Mantovani vinyl box set, I soon became accustomed to wanting my tunes filled with strings. And with disco endlessly glittering with the most glorious of instruments on earth, my life was destined to be forever filled with string-induced goosebumps.

Debbie Jacobs’ Don’t You Want My Love? on MCA Records from 1979 always fed my string addiction, bringing oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooooo joy to my days and nights as I hand-clapped to this campest of disco anthems. Whether the original version, Alkalino’s rework or just a sample in a house venture, this tune gets me right in the disco pants every time, ensuring each Brighton Pride gig goes off, every beard stroking impressing new DJ colleagues debut goes smoothly or our galloping sessions in the 1BTN bunker deliver. It is disco in its most joyous form and one I’ll never fail to fall for. But then when your first strung out love never leaves you, you’re always gonna be smitten right?

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