Bitch, Please! Residents Party Green Door Store Brighton 220319

Sometimes you find a club night that just feels like home, that feels like family. And so it is with Bitch, Please! the Bristol LGBTQI+ party collective that has made Brighton their second home and us lucky disco buggers their residents. A club night we’ve have the pleasure of playing our saucy seaside mix of disco and jacked up house for as we slide into their sublime selection of more disco, more house and, yep, that thing we love called techno.

With a history of providing some truly inspirational parties with guest DJs including The Black Madonna, Mella Dee, HUNEE, Palms Trax, Mike Servito, Octo Octa, Hannah Holland, Maze & Masters, DJ October and Ellie Stokes, Bitch, Please! have their heart where it should be. On the dancefloor.

And thanks to residents ZenZero, Butch Queen, Suze Rosser, Affy GoBang (and two birds called Wildblood and Queenie) plus the gritty but glorious party performers Alpha Bites and Baby, Bitch, Please! looks set to make our Brighton nightlife rather fine. But then when you have a winter under the arches at The Green Door Store and a summer beachside at The Tempest ahead, you just know the glitter is gonna be spread wide with Bitch, Please!’s promoters Liam and Travis Zen Zero in charge. Just how it should be with family. See you at the front.  

Bitch, Please! Residents Party at The Green Door Store with DJs Affy Go Bang, Butch Queen, Suze Rosser, Wildblood & Queenie and ZenZero, 3 Trafalgar Street, Brighton. Friday 22nd March 23:00-late Grab your £5 adv tickets here. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.