50 Tunes 50 Years: HNNY

This is for the lovers of sparse house. The deep souls who need just the house basics to lose it, a simple bass line, a succinct sample and a kicking hook. This is for the warm-up and the afters. The anticipation and the appreciation. The glory of the night ahead, the giggles from the party just passed. HNNY’s Tears on Local Talk is a tune I return to year on year to get me through the last hours of the after party and the beginning of the recovery, one for beckoning the sunset, and waving a mischievous hello to the sunrise.

And it’s for the house lovers who helped make it so. It’s for the Audio boys, the Pattern pert ones, and my Wild Family, for Neal, Andy, Joe and Maxxi (alright there Mr Tensnake!). For Neil, Adrian, Matt, Robbie, Albie, Paul, Martyn, Anders, Jack, Max, Mr Frisco, an activated Mr Green, those sorted sound techs, and the many sweeties who kept me grinning and watered and safe and entertained (Boyce and Cesare I’m still waiting for that Speedo moment!). It’s for James Kendall and The Source magazine for the soundest of cover mixes. It’s for Mr Budd, for Marlon, for our always-tempting Tempest terrace twirlers Owen, Ollie, Mitch and Dene and crew. And it’s for the ladies that bring the class every time. Sarah, Gemma, Becs, Sophie, Bethany, Chantal, Katie, Jodie, you beauties.

It’s for all my camp embracing, occasionally floral short loving, disco dallying darlings who took this queer old lady and welcomed her to their families with open arms. From Schtumm to Wild Family, to The Tempest, The Syndicate Party, those sunset Disco Service sessions and over the many years of DJing and partying at 10 Marine Parade, you have given me nothing but tears of joy (hangover or not). Without you, my adventures by the seaside would never have been so deep, so delicious or so downright divinely naughty.

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