50 Tunes For 50 Years: Gonzalez

It’s wrapped in seen better days paper and is seriously battered, but like fish and chips on Brighton beach, it’s beautiful. And it’s all about Queenie. One of those slices of 7” joy she digs out every so often and proceeds to lose it to big time in our big f***ing room. The goosebumps it generates tell you all you need to know about the joy my missus continues to bring me whilst the smile on her face each time it blasts out of our speakers forever tells you all you need to know about her. It’s joy, just joy. End of. Like her, it may be small but just like the woman I’m honoured to call my wife does, it delivers every time you need it to. No matter how grim your day it will always bring a grin.
As for the lyrics? Okay, I ‘ll confess I haven’t exactly spent the past 27 years dancing, that would be odd, downright exhausting and nowadays I doubt I’d survive the Gonzalez generated hot flushes. But thanks to Queenie and her unerring ability to try and see the best in life and the best in me, this lass has managed to crack more than my allocated smiles over the past 27 years. Way more than my natural resting face is happy with. But hey, what’s life but challenging old ways of behaviour and those frown lines on my slightly concerned face. Because to have this special soul dancing beside me in our front room as the 45 crackles through the speakers is alright, it’s alright, it’s alright.

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