Perfect Distraction: Hot Chip’s Hungry Child

There’s something about Hot Chip that makes me love them. Over and over and over. And so it is with their latest sound adventure the truly addictive Hungry Child. Forthcoming from their June incoming longplayer A Bath Full of Ecstasy, this is a tune you will not be able to get out of your head. Which is where video director Saman Kesh comes in. Boy, what a mind twisting wonder he creates. One watch and you will not forget the four-to-floor grit of this instant kooky classic. A heart attack you want to pull you back, Hungry Child has had me hooked since first play and like Johan Renck’s epic video for Bowie’s Blackstar will remain with me long after the beats leave my head. If they ever do. 

Hot Chip’s Hungry Child is taken from their new album A Bath Full of Ecstasy, out 21st June 2019 on Domino Record Co. Click here to buy, yes buy not steal people. Remember home taping is killing music.


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