1BTN Soundsystem at Patterns

It is always a pleasure to play tunes on a cracking soundsystem for a cracking cause and so it shall be this Friday as we join the 1BTN Soundsystem for their monthly play off at Patterns Brighton. Tunes to lighten the way as you head into the weekend, the 1BTN Soundsystem is fuelled by the love of a good groove and the joy of working for a decent radio station as we the DJs of 1BTN deliver for you dear, dear dancer. And with all DJ fees on the night donated to 1BTN so we can keep the station’s lights on and the decks running, it is forever a night with decent soul.

Joining us in the DJ box on the night will be the ever pert 1BTN Patterns Radio Show host with the most Mr Parry and the ever delicious Daisha, a lass who has had us groovin’ since her Wild Family debut last year. Together we’ll be ensuring the funk and house will be disco infused all night long as we deliver nothing but feelgood Friday action. Out of the 1BTN bunker and getting down on the dancefloor. With you. At Patterns. Just how we like it. 

1BTN Soundsystem at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. Friday 26th April. 9pm-3am. Free entry before 11pm. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.


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