6Music’s Stonewall50 Disco Mini Mix on Mary Anne Hobbs

So, erm, this is happening on Friday 28th June. Wildblood and Queenie’s 20 Minute Disco Mini Mix celebrating Stonewall50 on the Mary Anne Hobbs Show on BBC6Music. Blimey. Thanks to producer and DJ heroine Kath McDermott for thinking of us two old ladies and giving us a chance to be disco deviants on the BBC. I’ll say it again. Blimey.

So tune in this Stonewall 50th anniversary for nineteen tunes, yep nineteen tunes (we counted them all in and we counted them all out) in a twenty minute mini mix as we celebrate the soundtrack of our Pride lives together, in Brighton and across the globe, in the discos, on the streets, in our hearts. Celebrating our glorious LGBTQI community, over and over and over – to paraphrase a certain rollerblading disco god. Celebrating kicking arse, changing the world, rainbow riots and partying to right good tunes since 1969. Celebrating us queer wonders, disco style. Just as how we like it.

The Wildblood and Queenie Stonewall 50 6Music Mini Mix on the Mary Anne Hobbs Show. Friday 28th June. 12noon. Tune in, tweet, listen, share and dance. We will be.

Shout outs and disco love during broadcast much appreciated on Twitter
@maryannehobbs @BBC6Music @6Musicstudio  Or do that old school Nokia thing and text: 64046


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