Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion

It is the party that brings the most goosebumps. It is the party that has brought joyful tears to my eyes. It is the party where I am most proud of the city I call home. It is Sunday Sundae at Patterns and it is almost here. Like Miami but with seagulls, like Ibiza but with Boyce’s Brighton moves, the Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion is always the session for the Brighton Pride fam. Filled with love and good-time tunes. Disco of the delicious type and house of the heritage kind. All on a terrace under a giant glitterball. Well if you can’t camp it up at Brighton Pride weekend when can you?

So we’ll see you at the front. We’ll be the DJs with glitter covered goosebumps, grinning like queer Cheshire cats, losing it to tunes that have soundtracked our glorious lives with you dear Sunday Sundae clubbers. Because from that first tune till the last you make it the sensational ending to Brighton Pride weekend that it is. Sunday Sundae. With you. For you. Always.

Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. Sunday 4th August 15:00-03:00. Fundraising for The Rainbow Fund. A Pride Village Party Sunday wristband will be needed for access to Patterns until 10pm. For more info and tickets click here.


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