Disco with us at Brighton Pride

And so here it comes. The weekend we live for. The weekend we were made for. Brighton Pride. A festival of love and Pride. A festival of campaigning and fundraising. A festival of LGBTQI wonders gathering across our city as we join together to build a rainbow of love – with a perfect soundtrack. Which is where we come in, we hope. We’re proud as ever (and a little surprised at our age!) to be part of some of Brighton Pride weekend’s finest parties and disco delights.

Be it kicking off proceedings with the Queenie and Wildblood B, Please! Brighton Pride Special on 1BTN  or at Patterns Does Pride with our fam on Friday or come Saturday on the hallowed ground that is Preston Park for the Brighton Pride Festival in the Diva Dance Tent, over on The Tempest Inn’s beachside spot for Bitch, Pride! or at the legendary Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion at Patterns, everything will be coming up glitter and disco at Brighton Pride 2019.

Yes, the weekend filled with family and friends, new and old, is almost here and we can’t wait. Putting a needle on a record and raising some much needed funds for our local LGBTQI community and The Rainbow Fund courtesy of that thing called disco. The soundtrack to our history changing Stonewall riots years ago still doing us proud fifty years on. Just how it should be. Together. With Pride. Under one disco groove.

So we’ll see you on the parade, at the park, on the street, on the beach, on the dancefloor, on the terrace, see you at the front. We’ll be the two DJs grinning like rainbow fuelled Cheshire cats counting our lucky loved up disco stars.

For all things Pride and official including Preston Park and PVP tickets head over to brighton-pride.org.

For all things Pride and Wildblood & Queenie including gigs, radio and that tradition we call Queenie’s Brighton Pride Weather Forecast head over to Facebook.

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