1BTN All Dayer 12 Hour Fundraiser

Join us for 12 hours of 1BTN DJs spinning literally anything from reggae, dub, rock, funk, soul, house, disco, techno, hip hop, latin, afro and more. Line TBA but expect several one off back to backs including a Club Barbra special with ourselves and Kerry Jean Lister for a special 1BTN family vibe.

Food courtesy of Dutch Pot, literally the best Jamaican BBQ around. There will be several vinyl sellers with new and used vinyl from all genres for sale. Arrive early to grab those bargains and rarities. Plus we’ll be holding a raffle to help raise funds for the radio station as it is a volunteer run, non profit station that puts music first. Prizes will include, but not limited to a roast for 2 plus wine at The Eddy, bottles of wine, Prosecco, some vinyl and more. Add plenty of drink promos throughout the day too and damn we’re spoiling you! So come along, have fun in the sun, join the family affair and enjoy amazing food, drinks and sounds!

About 1BTN. 1BTN launched in April 2015 with the ambition to create a not-for-profit radio station that not only provides a mix of varied and eclectic musical genres to reflect the city’s creative culture, but also directly involves the community with the station itself.

We currently have a roster of approximately 180 volunteer presenters broadcasting 120+ live shows per month. The presenters are made up of a mixture of Dj’s, musicians, artists, promoters, music enthusiasts, members of the community and local community groups and charitable organisations. Most, if not all of our presenters – past and present – have a strong local presence with many having national and international recognition.

We are also involved with a number of local charities and community groups with some of them hosting their own shows on 1BTN. We are always actively engaging other local concerns to join our project. To further the work we already do, we have plans of launching a second service in a working live studio. We will look to engage more community and charity groups to host shows and we will have relevant talk shows etc all for the purpose of serving the local community.

Ultimately, we are an underground music station and it’s the love of music that drives the project forwards. We look to the likes of NTS, 6 Music, Worldwide in the UK and the likes of Berlin Community Radio and Redlight Radio further afield, as our inspiration and an influence on what we aim to be. 101.4FM DAB+ and online 1BTN.fm

1BTN All Dayer 12 Hour Fundraiser Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019 Midday to Midnight. The Eddy, Gloucester Road, Brighton. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.