1BTN February Bunker Buzz Chart

The 1BTN Bunker Buzz Chart for February has landed and is filled with so much goodness it should be labeled fairtrade and fabulous daaarling! Grab it now for some must-hear genre-busting gems from a seasonal selection of our station’s finest DJs, including, even if we say so ourselves, two rather epic delights from us two. Be it the disco dazzler Daikaya, a Let’s Play House tune from Sleazy McQueen and Terry Grant so hot it’s keeping Wildblood warmer than her Nan knitted mittens on elastic ever did, or Queenie’s must-play as Olivia Louise delivers a nu-disco vocal delight for Girls Of The Internet as they seduce with I Don’t Wanna Lose Youthe first track from their longplayer Girls FM. Yes with tunes this saucy we’ve got that love thang sorted this February down the buzzing 1BTN bunker. Come join us.

Grab the chart online here or listen below on Spotify. Thanks to Ian Lawton for his forever diligent compiling duties.



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