1BTN’s Fifth Birthday Weekender

What’s 5 years all about? Still straddling the not-too-distant past period of toddlerhood and mucky nappies, exhibiting a little more self control – slightly – than a toddler but still prone to crying over a glass of spilled beer . . . milk! People pleasers with conflicting emotions; Temper tantrums switching abruptly to excited happy mania, tired yet hyperactive – you get the idea. Yeh, sounds about right. It’s in this unchartered territory that we find ourselves good people of radio land, 1BTN, hits this heady milestone on Friday 3rd April.  5 years old! Jeeeez Louise!

We had a Spring/Summer of parties planned with a view to celebrating this golden age with our favourite people, you the listeners. Alas, we have fallen prey to all things ‘Covid 19’ and we have had to postpone our congregations to a better-suited time and place. Regardless, nothing can stop the flow of music from the 1BTN airwaves and with our own sonic virus we beam straight through your speakers and into your earholes. Symptoms include smiling, head nodding, and a general feeling of wellbeing and happiness. In extreme cases some infections can lead to dancing around like a marionette on mushrooms. In such cases immediately call a friend or loved one and turn the speakers up, so they can share the feeling with you. It will pass, until the next track at least.

If we can’t party outside we can certainly do so indoors and we have curated a killer programme of shows spanning the length of this upcoming weekend, which sees a number of our own 1BTN presenters sharing the line up with some of our favourite guest selectors, to include – The Get Up 5th Birthday Special, Wildblood and Queenie, Club Click w/ Prince Fatty, Mildlife, Jayne Winstanley, Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s), Steve Mason, Vision On w/ Dr Rubberfunk, Katie Blackwell, Marc Mac (4 Hero/Visioneers), DJ Nick The Record, Patterns, Tech Support w/ Lucid Stannard + Jacques Torrance, Radio Peacock w/ On The Corner Records, Ty, Danny Webb, Jimmy Jean, Tru Thoughts, Shook, Roots Garden Records w/ Nick Manasseh & more to be confirmed! We will also be digging out some of our favourite shows from those first days back in April 2015. A valued pre-cursor to the weekend will no doubt be initiated by Steve KIW during his show on Thursday.  A veritable feast for the ears it will be too! No queues, free entry, no spending all day/night at the bar, walk of shame optional.

1BTN 5th Birthday weekend – Fri 3rd April – Sunday 5th April – 1btn.fm / 101.4fm / DAB+



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