1BTN’s May Bunker Buzz Chart

The 1BTN Bunker Buzz Chart for May is here and its a corker. Grab it now for some must-hear genre-busting gems from our station’s finest DJs, including, even if we say so ourselves, two rather wonderous musical moments from two birds called Wildblood and Queenie. Check out Felipe Gordon’s Gotta Keep Us Separated on Shall Not Fade / Lost Imprint, the perfect deep distraction poly titled for these strange times withits on-point groove destined to delight ensuring whilst we may be separated, tunes as hot as this will make sure we feel the heat of those disco days past. Or head over to taste Chewy Rubs’ Baby Love on Re-Loved, a tune still making the hairs stand up on the back on Queenie’s neck, a strung out sample masterpiece that has us feeling the love this lockdown with its exquisite orchestral manoeuvres in the disco. So whilst we continue to miss the disco far too much, ease those cowbell aches with our latest selection for the 1BTN Bunker Buzz Chart. They’ll help ease the miss. Promise.

Grab the chart online here or listen on Spotify. Thanks to Ian Lawton for his forever diligent compiling duties.





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