The Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN Show 030720

As we gallop past 100 days in lockdown here in the UK one things has become very clear. Just how much we miss the dancefloor. The random moments of bliss with loved ones and strangers that make the disco perfection. The moments of heaven with you dear one, under the glitterball, under the stars, brought together with love – and the odd shandy. 

So this Friday join us on 1BTN from 1pm and let’s dance together as we deliver three hours of must-wiggle wonders that we just know will have you losing your thing in the kitchen, office, shed, bus stop, garden, park, beach or warehouse. Plug in those headphones, crank up that stereo, charge up that speaker and let’s unite on 1BTN this Friday!

Wildblood and Queenie and you – coming together on the dancefloor once again. Ooo err missus.

The Wildblood and Queenie Show
Friday 3rd July 13:00-16:00
1BTN 101.4FM | DAB+ | TuneIn | |

#PushTheBTN #StayHome #StaySafe


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