Perfect Distraction: Sophie Ellis-Bexter’s Crying At The Discotheque

I’ll be honest here, I don’t like change. So when Spiller added some Sophie Ellis-Bexter vocals to Groovejet back in 2000 I wasn’t best impressed. I like my house music like my flock wallpaper, stripped back. But as the years passed and the Aspergers wiring was challenged I grew fond of the lass who was Janet’s pride and joy. Fast forward 20 years (seriously!) and I’ve found myself falling for the woman how some managed to bring a grin to my lockdown soul. Her determination to disco, regardless of circumstance or many wandering fancy-dressed children, had me hooked and her kitchen became my favourite Friday destination.
And then as lockdown 2 loomed and the onset of winter seem to darken all hope Sophie brought us a lifeline, a light she shone not just into our lives but into the lives of some many of our industry who have found the disco a place they miss so much. Empty nightclubs, hollow halls and venues that were once filled with the souls whose jobs and creativity ensured we could escape reality on the dancefloor. And my how we miss them, those golden years down the discotheque. Tears were shed on my corona-coaster as I watched Sophie dance alone in all those iconic venues, but the dance was also had, thanks to the joy this disco mama brings. Hell, it ain’t no obscure white label but right now I need more than the nod. I need to dance down the discotheque. Thanks, Mrs Ellis-Bextor for making it so. Dare I even say it’s better than one you made earlier?

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