Wildblood’s Arctic Tern Challenge – fundraising for Level Water

There’s something about cold water swimming that does it exactly what it says on the tin. It brings a feeling of calm, connection and community. So inspired by the Salty Seabirds of Brighton and Hove I will be getting in the sea 4 times a month from November 1st to 30th April as part of the Arctic Tern Challenge – a moment of perimenopausal madness that will see me fundraising for Level Water and (lockdowns permitting) staying sane and salty. 

Kindly donate what you can and let’s raise some hope and funds together this winter. Anything to motivate me to get into the water this winter. 

You can either donate here to keep me dipping or join the challenge here yourself – just search Salty Seabirds Arctic Tern Challenge online 

About Level Water

Level Water are the only UK swimming charity who provide specialist one-to-one swimming lessons for children with physical and sensory disabilities.

Once each child has learnt to swim 15m front crawl and backstroke, they can be safe and independent in the water and can join group swimming lessons or join their local competitive club.

But it’s not just about swimming… Through developing independence in the water, and being able to join mainstream classes, each child develops confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

If we can help to give children physical, social and emotional confidence through sport, we can change their trajectory in life.


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