Pints For Pete – Block 03.06.23

Pints For Pete. Fundraising for Pete Hayward at Block Brighton. Saturday, June 3rd with DJs Affy, Alex Tipping, Andy D’Jear, Martin Martinez, Mick Fuller, Mike Gorgeous, Nick Hook, Oxylion & Danger, Phil Daniels, Wildblood and Queenie and Yusuf. 14:00-close. Free entry. Percentage of the bar take donated to Pete Haywood Fundraiser. 101 St James Street Brighton BN2 1TP. A pre-party for Mr Hayward Benefit Show at Concorde 2 with Fatboy Slim, Serge Santiagio, Steve Mac, Jon Carter, Russell Small – Freemasons, Andy Mac and Ash Huntington. Be there.

Wild Fruit was a night that made me who I am. The people, the music, the community, the DJ box. It was a family of freaks and misfits, brought together by the need to connect, dance and you know what. I spent the beginning of my life with Queenie on the dancefloor and balcony corners of Wild Fruit. I learned my DJ trade at Wild Fruit. I became who I am today because of Wild Fruit and our LGBTQI+ family.

Whilst Wild Fruit was the juice, DJ Pete Hayward was the substance. Provider of a tribal, electro, and always sassy soundtrack ensuring those saucy oooo’s and ahhhh’s layered through fierce uplifting driving four to the floor house that soon became the club’s signature sound. Whoever the guest DJ, whatever the occasion, the resident knowledge of Mr. Hayward ensured we always raised our hands together. But Pete’s Wild Fruit role didn’t stop in the DJ booth. Creator of its iconic imagery, flyers, and logo with Wild Fruit founder Paul Kemp, you always knew when Hayward had played a design role, banana, berries and all!

Forever generous with his time and passion for music and design I’ve lost count of the number of times Pete has stepped up for me. Design talk for dissertation, DJ support and advice at Wild Fruit, music connections for Secret Disco compilations, fellow counter leaner at Urban Records, perfection for Private Party II, and giving Queenie a Goloka moment or three. He’s delivered. Without agenda and always with respect.

So now it’s my turn, our turn to step up. Pete is facing the frankly terrifying diagnosis of a serious brain tumour, a High-Grade Glioma, also known as GBM4 and Glioblastoma. The current treatment plan includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is no cure for Peter’s condition. Together with Kasia and their young children, Pete and his family need to find a way to meet this toughest of life challenges. They need our help, they need our passion and love, they need us. I can’t imagine my DJ life without Pete Hayward in it. The role he has played as a mentor, colleague, fellow flyer obsessive, and friend is too important to not appreciate, respect, and right now in his hour of need, support. So if you can, please donate. It’s time we raise those hands together in support of Pete, Kasia, and the Hayward family.

To help Pete Hayward and his family fight cancer please donate what you can here.

For all things Hayward including Goloka click here


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